Thursday, August 11, 2011


What a difference a couple glasses of wine can make!  As promised, I had a few glasses of red on Tuesday night and had a much needed decompression from Monday evening's mayhem.  I'm feeling much better now, thank you very much.  Aaaaahhhhh...delicious red wine.  My cryptonite.

My little butthead, Oscar had a check-up at the holistic vet last night and he did amazing.  I was completely floored by his behavior, but I will take some credit...tee hee.  In order to put the odds in our favor, I put his ThunderShirt on prior to leaving the house and was marking and rewarding him the during the car ride (about 40mins.) for calm behavior - NOT easy to do while driving a stick shift in stop-and-go rush hour traffic, by the way. 

The installation of the wonderful ThunderShirt.  What a great product!

When we arrived at the vet, I did both of ourselves a favor and took my time getting him out of the car and into the building.  We both sniffed around outside a bit and then started doing some BAT work in the parking lot.  I also clipped on the head halter to help manage him better if he decided he wanted to be a butthead...and proceeded into the building.

In my "Doggy Diaper Bag," - wait...that's an actual marketed product?! - I had packed a ziploc bag full of chicken and liver for the vet to give to Oscar when he came in the exam room and Oscar was very happy to be getting such super num-num treats from Dr. M.  He sat down politely and was just perfect.  (OK, OK...he did one little "woof" when we didn't give him treats in an orderly fashion, but that was it - I swear!)

So, once again, this dog has proved that he does have the ability to be a nice little member of doggy society...what a Wednesday!

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