Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Finished" Book: The Dog's Mind

Spoiler alert: I didn't actually read the entire book - and I'm not going to read the entire thing any time soon, but I got 92% of the way through it.

Bruce Fogle wrote an excellent book, especially considering when it was published (1992).  He goes into a lot of detail on the actual brain functions of the dog as the causes of a log of behavioral problems in dogs.  I stuck it through this part until he starting getting into the super science jabber and then I had to skip to the next chaper.

One of the reasons I really liked this book was because he, rather thoroughly, goes into detail on how the most popular way of doing puppy temperament testing (that a lot of breeders use) don't end up being accurate.  (Another reason to love Suzanne Clothier even more! - her CARAT method seems to make a lot more logical sense). 

Overall, it was a great book for a D.B.N. to read.  Definitely not one that I would recommend for my pet-owning friends.  This one should be left to the professional dog trainers or behavior nerds, like me. 

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