Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh Bananas!

This is one (of two) meals Oscar gets on any given day...what a spoiled brat!
Num, num, num.  Leave it to my dog to help me think about food...not that I need him to do that (I'm currently eating a rather tasty peanut butter cookie).  Since I have been making home prepared meals for Oscar since mid-May, I have started to take note on just how good of food he is eating.  This dude eats ground sirloin (not the cheaper ground chuck!), chicken breast, sweet potato, russet potato, turnip, carrot, pumpkin, beef (not chicken!) liver, coconut oil, bananas and we're just starting to add sardines in.  Gosh-golly!  On top of this, all of the meat and vegetables are cooked (the latter mashed as well).  Oh, and on top of that, I paid a very well known canine nutritionist to work us through the entire process making sure we are giving him a completely balanced diet that is specific to Oscar (he's so spoiled).

Why do I do this?  Well, because I love my little monster and I am bound and determined to get the bastard in the best physical shape possible and give him the best I can afford.  Are there times that I am up until 11pm during the week mashing stubborn russet potatoes, sweating my butt off and swearing under my breath as to why the hell I am doing this.  In some dillusional thought, I think my dog really appreciates that I do this for him.  Meanwhile Fanny is just laying on the other side of the kitchen doorway just looking at me saying in her head, "Laura, Oscar is soooooo not worth all this trouble."  I always toss her a piece of food when I'm preparing to make sure she isn't left out of the action. 

Some dogs do just fine on dry kibble (thank you, Fanny...from myself and my wallet!), but there are some dogs that just need more TLC.  Oscar has always had a rather sensitive digestive system and since he's been on a home prepared diet I've seen a complete change in the texture of his coat and he is always excited to eat...something I know other dog owners struggle with at times.  His poops are fabulous (yes, I said fabulous and poops in the same sentence), his energy is top knotch, his breath no longer smells bad and he has clean, bright eyes.  In his own little way, his outward appearance and aura say "Thank you, Momma Laura, for taking such great care of toss the tennis ball already!"

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