Friday, December 2, 2011


I love Tuesdays and Fridays.  Those are the days that I get to drove of my dear boy, Oscar, at doggy day care.   Not just any doggy day care, but Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Wauwatosa, WI which is 1 of 2 Central Bark facilities owned and operated by Kerry Krienitz, CPDT-KA.

Knowing that the owner/operator of the place he goes to day care has a CPDT-KA makes me extremely happy.  From the little I have interacted with Kerry, I know that she is a very passionate person.  Very much into dogs, has a keen business sense and a desire to help out furry critters and their owners as much as she can.  This is reflected in the kind people she employs at her day care facilities.  The employees there always greet me and, more so, Oscar with a smile and friendly "hello."

Oscar LOVES going to doggy day care.  His entire body wags with joy when he jumps out of the car in the parking lot those two magical days every week.  His body language is absolutely lovely when he greets the handlers and I know he is well taken care of.

Besides the obvious benefits of socialization Oscar receives while at day care, I love knowing that he is in good hands as I am (slaving away) at work.  And, the best part (especially on Fridays!) is that he comes home nice and tired.  Not too tired as he would when coming home from "the other place," but good and fulfilled.  He's still alert, but he's not exhausted.  This is good.  Very good.

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