Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another deposit in the behavior bank for Mr. Oscar last night.

Last night we hosted a dinner and had a couple come over whom which Oscar has never met before.  They really wanted to see our dogs (God bless them :) ), and we explained the "rules" to them prior to them coming over (Oscar will be crated at first, ignore him when he's in there, then ignore him when he comes out, etc...) and they were more than happy to oblige.

Oscar did his usually woof-woof-woof when they came in, but settled nicely and was actually whining and high-pitch yipping after a few minutes.  Once he was quiet, I let him out, off-leash and he did fantastic.  He went and said "hello" and then proceeded to play with his stuffed Kong toy.  These fantastic people even brought toys over to give him and Fanny (Fanny could have cared less), but what a lovely treat to have such wonderful visitors come over and spend time with us and they pups.  They were soooo incredibly calming for all of us in the house.

As I talked about in my previous post, I did a quick brief with Oscar to let him know about the upcoming events and he seemed to listen and understand.

Good job, Buddy!  Woot-woot!! :)

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