Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finished Book - "The Well-Adjusted Dog"

Following up on a previously reviewed DVD, I finished reading one of two books I purchased written by Dr. Nicholas Dodman.  I opted to read The Well-Adjusted Dog first and will likely pick through the other book (Dogs Behaving Badly) here and there.

Dr. Dodman's book is well-written and very informative.  He lays out 7 steps that he believes are the keys to having, well, a well-adjusted canine companion.  These 7 steps are:
- Exercise (specific needs for specific breeds)
- Diet (one that is appropriate for your dog)
- Communication (it's a two way street)
- Physical control (again, the level that is appropriate for your dog)
- Leadership (be your dog's parents)
- Managing Fear (fear-related behaviors are all too common)
- Environmental Enrichment (brain games, appropriate interactions)

Also included in the book is an entire chapter titled "Maladjustment and Medical Matters" where Dr. Dodman talks about reasons why dogs may exhibit undesirable behavior and what can be done to help.  He gives a brief overview of pharmaceutical treatments, natural treatments, which I found helpful and informative.

Eventhough I did not agree with everything he wrote about (he mentions that if a dog does not comply with your request to "sit" when you are offering him dinner that you should withdraw the entire meal until the next meal time.  I don't agree with that...and would rather withdraw the meal for 30 mins. and give the dog another chance, but that's just me), all-in-all it is a wonderful book that I found helpful and think a lot of dog owners would benefit from reading...and it's super cheap on Amazon ($6.00!).

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