Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I Mean When I Say "Holistic"

There is a lot of hype around the word "holistic." 

Some people may think of hippies, tree huggers, environmentally-conscious people who drive a Prius. 

Some people may think of "wierd-o's" that do energy healing, reiki, communication with another medium.

Some people may think of expensive groceries from a co-op, people who give up electricity to live more "holistically" with the environment.

Because my blog is name "Holistic Canine," I would like to share with you what I define as the meaning...what "holistic" means to me, Laura Holder, and how the two words "holistic" and "canine" come together in my life.

I use the term "holistic" in the sense of looking at things as a whole...not just one, single element.  How A combines and/or interacts with B and how that, in turn, effects C and so on. 

When I use the term in combination with "canine," I am referring to all the facets that make up what a dog is, what a dog does and what a dog becomes.  Everything is intertwined and interplaying with each other to create whatever the dog is in that given moment in time.  I know, some of you are thinking, "Oh boy, Laura has gone of her rocker, again." 

Well, hear me out. 

Think of all the factors that effect your behavior.
- Weather
- Relationships with friends/family
- Diet
- Bad hair day
- Traffic
- Politics
- Exercise
- Your favorite TV show...

All of these things, on any given day, come together and effect how you act.

This is the same approach I take when I am working with dogs.  What is their exercise routine like?  What is their diet?  How (and when) have they been trained? Do they have any medical problems?  Injuries?  What is their absolute favorite thing(s) to do?  Is their collar too tight?  Is the floor that they refuse to lay down on cold, abrasive?

I truly feel that when we start to look at things holistically, we gain a much better understanding of what it is that drives our dogs (and ourselves).  In turn, relationships begin to grow from a mutual level of respect and communication becomes more fluid.  It's a wonderful snowball effect that I welcome with open arms. 

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