Saturday, November 26, 2011

Queen of Diets

It's embarrassing.  How have I failed to write a post about one of the most helpful people that has been working with Oscar over the past 7 months?  Shame on me! 

Many people in the dog world, specifically the dog nutrition world, have heard of Monica Segal.  She is an extremely well known canine nutritionist from Canada who has written a few books, several booklets, has one of the best Yahoo! groups, sells top-quality supplements and offers canine diet formulations from puppy through adult.

I came across Monica Segal on a GSD forum I am on when several people recommended her books and services when I was posting about how frustrated I was with Oscar's reoccuring GI problems.  One thing led to another and I found myself hitting the "Add to Cart" button her website for a 2-month Adult Dog Consultation at the tune of $275.00. 

It was the best $275.00 I have ever spent on one of my dogs and I knew it 2 weeks into working one-on-one with Monica.  This woman is driven...passionate would be an understatement.  Monica lives and breathes canine nutrition out of every pore of her body and is one of the most responsive, professional and caring people I have ever met.  And I'm not talking just in the dog profession.  I'm talking about in my entire life.

The support she has offered has been nothing short of amazing.  Oscar has turned out to be one of her toughest cases, therefore she has coined herself "Auntie Monica" to my special boy. 

What astounds me the most is that she is so incredibly personal with her approach and her commitment to her clients is insane.  She has helped Oscar go from a 57 pound skinny wienie to a 66 pound adolescent who has never had better stools, never had a softer coat and has no problems devouring his diet. 

Monica, if you ever get the time to read this post...know that you are a very special woman who I am honored to be working with.  I can only hope that you have inspired more people to get into your profession so that when the day comes when you retire (which will be the day your pass on, if I know you!) that dogs can continue to grow, thrive and survive with diets that they need.

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