Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Time!

Today I have officially declared myself an official D.B.N. - a Dog Behavior Nerd.  The "nerdiness" has always been inside of me, but I figured now was the time to make it public and coin the appropriate acronym while I'm at it.  (Is anyone from a publishing house reading?)

I can't seem to stop.  My library of dog behavior readings is starting to grow...exponentially.  Looks like I will need a new bookcase dedicated to just MY dog books.  My husband will roll his eyes, but I know I can convince him that is' a good thing because now he gets an entire bookcase for his cooking books (note: what's for dinner tonight?).

Damn those two GSD's of mine who have taught me more than I ever wanted to about dogs and the, at times, hair-ripping behavior that they come with.  But I am forever grateful that this journey has begun...

For those who choose to follow me, please bear with me as I get my grammatical-self developed.  I will be tapping into my dear friend Kristin's many talents to help me along the way.


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