Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Over the past several years, I have come across a lot of great books by fantastic animal trainers, behaviorists, etc. 

In keeping with the excitement of having published my blog, I wanted to share some of these great a reminder to myself and to share with you all (eventhough there currently are none of "you").

I encourage you to google any of the people below to learn more...

- Dr. Patricia McConnell
- Trish King
- Suzanne Clothier (currently my favorite!)
- Karen Pryor
- Brenda Aloff
- Dr. Ian Dunbar
- Pat Miller
- Kay Laurence (turned onto her from a colleague - need to get into her more!)

Surely I'm missing some, but that's it for now...

Wag more, bark less...

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