Tuesday, July 19, 2011


To be truly happy.  Oh, how wonderful that feeling really is.

How many times have you done something to try and make someone (human or fuzzy creature) happy and fail miserably?  I know I have failed countless times.

Having a dog keeps you very humble.  They are a fine example of living in complete honesty.  You've heard it many times, I'm sure, that they live in the moment, but it bears repeating over and over again.

For those of you reading this that are lucky enough to coexist with a dog, do me a favor.   Take 5 minutes out of your day today to just be there with your dog.  Really, truly, wholeheartedly be with your dog.  Sit on the floor (on in a comfy chair!) and just watch them for 5 minutes.  Don't let anything else distract you (bing-bing...just got another text) and observe how honest your dog is in every movement that they make.  Notice their ears, eyes, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, elbows, front paws.  Notice their breathing patterns, the itty bitty micro movements of the hair on their back.  Appreciate the way the base of their tail lays in its natural position (or maybe it's wagging because you are staring at them and they are waiting for you to initiate play?).

Before you get up, take a few deep breaths and bask in the happiness that just overtook your body.  Appreciate what you just exerpienced by simply watching your dog and answer one, simple question; Do you feel happy?

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