Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Focus & Control; Class 6

Class 6 of 8 is in the books.  Oscar did well overall, although he had a few little snarky moments.  He continues to amaze me with his fabulous recovery time...I've said this in the past, but last night was another reminder how wonderful he really is. 

We started off with some more box work and all of the dogs were put into their designated spots.  Oscar and I were the last to enter, but before we went in, we walked up and down and played LAT and stopped a couple of times to do some hand targeting.   Oscar did fantastic when we were moving around outside the box.  Everyone else took a turn doing the same thing we did outside their respective boxes and the only time Oscar got all poopy was when his nemesis, Major, was walking around outside our box.  Too long of eye contact without timely interuption is what caused it.  I knew it and could have prevented it, but I want Oscar to learn on his own that he has other choices...he has the choice to turn and look away from scary stuff...or at the least not react. 

Continuing on for the rest of class we did some fun mat work games with 2 mats and a chair, then with 1 mat and 2 chairs.  Oscar really enjoyed the games and it helped him get comfortable working in close proximity to other dogs.  He was being such a goofball jumping up on the chair like a circus animal. 

So, overall the class was a success.   Oscar had a little bark-bark at some people on our way home that were waiting at a bus stop...I'm finding that he is more reactive to "things" in the dark, but he was like that last year and so far this year he hasn't been as spooked by things. 

2 more classes to go and it will be a bittersweet end.  I really like being able to work him in a classroom setting where there are other dogs and people working in a structured environment (and I love his instructors!), but I won't mind having my Monday nights back (hello, Dancing With the Stars is on!).

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