Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Focus & Control; Class 5 (We NAILED it!)

Last night was class #5 of Focus and Control and I couldn't be happier to report that Oscar (and I!) nailed it!  He did AWESOME and made me so incredibly proud!!!

We got there and there were a few dogs already in the room and two of them started barking their heads off at Oscar and I, but we skated by without any problems what-so-ever!  100% of my attention was on Oscar and "listening" to him...in turn he communicated beautifully with me and told me exactly what he wanted and was comfortable doing.

The new things we worked on were:
1.) Box work with increased distractions (people running by, people bouncing tennis balls, a new dog walking by)
2.) "There's a dog in your face!" (the instructor had her bombproof dog and walked him up to us - about 8-10 feet away as we practiced saying "Incoming!" and shoving treats in our dogs mouth)
3.) Go to place (we worked this with all the dogs at the same time - spread around the room - and introduced an object (a chair) that we sent our dogs around and onto the mat.)

Oscar did wonderful and I dang well know that he will have reactive episodes in the future, but he is definitely learning how to cope better with things.  That-a-boy! :)

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