Monday, October 3, 2011

Focus & Control; Class 3 (I love my husband)

This post is a little late...a week to be I was on vacation last week and my husband took Oscar to class all by himself (bless his little heart).

Night 3 of Oscar's Focus & Control class went off without a hitch.  Remembering an earlier blog post I had talking about the quest for boring...well, that is exactly what happened on night 3 of class.  Figures!  I was off in California on vacation and my husband flew solo to class and Oscar was a perfect student.  Gosh golly.

So, while I don't have a detail explanation of what happened at class, here are the new exercises that were introduced...

1.) "LOOK at THAT!" (a.k.a. "LAT")
2.) Crate Rules
3.) Start Line Stays
4.) Go to Place

All of these exercises were, basically, taken right out of Leslie McDevitt's fabulous book, "Control Unleashed" so if there was any week were I should have missed class it would have been this one. 

I can't help but think that Oscar's behavior was a direct reflection on my husband's.  He tends to run with such a calm and cool temperament and Oscar knows this.  I'm the one who's wired...constantly moving...needing to do more, more, more. 

Perhaps I should leave town more often or have Aaron take over all the dog training! :)

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