Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Focus & Control; Class 4 (Husband Saves the Day)

Well, week 2 of my husband flying solo in class, bless his soul, because I had to attend a work function that I found out about earlier in the day (gotta love last minute schedule changes).

I'm not exactly sure what our take home work will be, but from what it sounds like they did some active attention exercises much like Leslie McDevitt does when one dog is working in his/her own box and other dogs are sitting/laying on their mats around the ring.  Oscar did quite well and only got into trouble when the doofus dog, "Coach" had a stare off.  After class, the instructor said that it was all the other dog who initiated the naughty dog behavior.

Overall, Oscar did very well...he still had a reaction, which I was not thrilled to hear...I WANT BORING for the boy and other owners' lack of understanding proper canine behavior (DUH!  Don't allow your dog to stare down another dog!  Even in human language staring isn't polite!).

Next week I will be there, with bells and whistles on, to take Oscar and be there with him.  He's had some habituation now and I think he is progressing.  Maybe I'm being too hard on him and asking too much of him not to have a reactive spat, but I'm also not upset with him for being who he is...a dog...and acting like one if the situation deems appropriate (like getting stared at, or chasing a squirrel, or getting super duper excited at dinner time).

...the quest for boring continues...

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