Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bring on the Boring

I'm becoming an absolute junkie when it comes to dog forums, social media, this blog (!) and all things dog.  Bless my husband for putting up with an insane woman to begin with, let alone an insane dog lady.  I love him dearly and often times forget to tell him that I do because I'm too busy managing the other man in my life, Oscar.

One of the pure joys of being connected and having the internet at my becking call is that I have the ability to learn all the time.  There are people sharing all sorts of information - about their life, the lunch they just ate and, of course, dog-related "stuff."

There is a lovely article I found (via a link on a friend's Facebook page) about a trainer's quest for boring.  It's is wonderfully written and every sentence I read, I found myself shaking my head in agreeance and smiling wider and wider.

A nice, boring, impulse control "game" of "leave-it," "take it."
Life with a reactive dog is hard and what we strive for - a boring walk, a boring "welcome" when people come over to the house, a boring car ride - doesn't come easy.  Working with the dog and with their comfort zone, which can change day to day, isn't any easy task for someone like me...someone who wants instant results...who gets paid to turn projects around quickly at work.  I like to think that I am becoming a better dog owner with each day, each week, each month, each year that passes...yet someone/thing always throws me a curve ball to keep me on my toes.  To them I say, "Bring on the boring! Even if it's for just one day."

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  1. Boring is GOOD! The older I get the more I appreciate boring.