Saturday, September 3, 2011

All the Little Pieces

Oscar had an energy work session earlier today and, as expected, he has made remarkable progress since our last session.  It seems that all the little pieces are starting to fall into place.  Oscar is more in his his eyes you can actually see him in there, present in the moment.  There was a while earlier in the year that I would look at him and not get anything feeling, no emotion, nothing.  Those were sad days, frustrating days and thankfully they seem to be behind us now.

In an earlier post, I talked about how I have been doing too much to try and help Oscar.  Training too much, trying too many different things...basically forcing myself at him.  Who wants that kind of pressure?  It's like your great aunt suffocating you with her hugs (with that horrific perfume!).

During the past couple of weeks I have made a conscious decision to remove the pressure from him (and, therefore, myself) and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  There are times when he wants to be alone, just as there are times I want to be alone...there are times he wants to play and why shouldn't I let him (well, except for when it's down pouring outside and he wants to go play ball for an hour!).

Has he reacted here and there? Sure, but not anywhere near the way he used to. What's more beautiful is being able to watch the two of us grow together...listen to each other and make our moments together truly together.

Monkey Butt ready to spring off the bed (see the saliva on the pillow?)

All those little pieces, all the effort everyone in the house has put toward helping Mr. Oscar, are finally starting to come together.  The dust is starting to settle...the light is starting to shine through and I can see a beautiful meadow begging for us to walk through.  Our journey together building this puzzle has been so dynamic, so rewarding.  I can't help but feel proud of my boy for teaching me much more than I have taught him and I can only ask that he continues to be my teacher.  He's not perfect by any means nor am I, but what matters is the mutual understanding and respect we have been able to share and develop with one another.

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