Friday, May 10, 2013

2 Years in the Making

It's been approximately 2 years since Aaron and I started making Oscar's home-cooked meals.  When I look back on the desperation I had when I contacted Monica Segal --- all I wanted was a solid poo -- I can still stay, with 100% confidence that it has been the best money spent on my dear Oscar.  Flipping through multiple books and watching countless hours of dog training stuff makes me realize that without health and safety, our dogs have nothing.  Plain and simple.  As doggy parents we have an absolute obligation to make sure our dogs are as healthy as possible and provide them with shelter and safety before anything else; and that includes training them for such things as coming when called, loose leash walking or sitting nicely.

Just like any living species, in order for dogs to live, they need to eat. They need access to water, an appropriate diet (which is as unique to each dog as they are to each other) that keeps their body in prime working condition for their individual situation.  My boy thrives on a diet that is over 1/2 cooked sweet potatoes and while some may gasp at his diet saying that dogs do not need carbs or startches...well, guess what?  Oscar is a walking example of a dog who does thrive on exactly those foods - and he loves them.  Over 700 days of the same exact diet and he still spins in circles and rushes to his kennel to eat his morning and evening meals.  And he looks fabulous.  As they saying goes, the proof is in the pudding; I let his beauty speak for himself.

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