Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finished Book: The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual

You should get this book.  Seriously.

It has been several months since I finished a dog-related book. Recently, most of my time has been dedicated to training (my own and other’s dogs) and watching a lot of behavior DVD’s, thanks to Tawzer Dog’s fabulous rental program and trying to enjoy the most of the hot Wisconsin summer.  I caught wind of Grisha Stewart’s new book, The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual through her facebook page (jeez – what would I do without social media!) and immediately pre-ordered my copy.  Within a few weeks’ time I came home from work to find the perfect little brown package at my doorstep.  It was my very own copy of Grisha’s book.  Eek!

As I cracked open the cover, there it was…Grisha’s personal, hand-written “thank you” and her signature followed by a merry little smiley face.  How cool is that?  I love Grisha’s training methods and was honored that she took the time to sign my book! (OK, so maybe she doesn’t even know who I am, but still I’m going to pretend that we’re friends J).

Grisha’s book manual is beautiful.  It is descriptive enough to satisfy the dog training nerd in me, yet short and sweet enough that it I would recommend it to every single one of my students.  Grisha gets geeky when she has to be, uses fun, light-hearted examples throughout the book that most anyone can relate to and lays out the book the way it should be --- talking about the important stuff up front (communication, learning and understanding).

The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manural has a welcome spot on my ever-growing D.B.N. library shelf and has already received several dog-eared pages.  Thank you, Grisha, for putting out another fabulous resource!

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