Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey, do you workout?

Really Oscar?  Really?!  It's a snowy afternoon and early evening here in the Milwaukee area and in typical Friday fashion, Oscar spent all day at day care.  I went to pick him up a little early because of the weather and when he came out from the back crate room, he gave me his normal ear-down, wiggle wag butt greeting.  Yay!  Then, he looked out the door to leave and froze...then walked backwards away from the door like he didn't want to have anything to do with going out there.  Silly boy! He's done this before when it's been really wet out, so I knew there was no way of coaxing him out (I did NOT have my treat pouch on me at work today, after all).

So, much to the surprise of the two full-grown men waiting for their dogs in the lobby, I bent down at the knees and picked Oscar straight up off the ground.  All 75 pounds of him.  Both guys were taken back a bit and just sat there almost dumbfounded that I had the physical ability to do that.  Part of me wishes that one of them asked me if I worked out, where in response I would have said, "Why no, I don't.  I just love my dog enough to lift his ass off the ground to get him home."

Oh, Oscar, how I love you and all your little quirks.  Silly puppy.

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